PCI Collaboration Reinforces Utility of Cobalt for C-C Cross-Coupling with Chirik/BMS Partnership

July 27, 2023

Continuing in its mission to uncover new reactivities with first-row transition metals, the Chirik Lab releases a landmark study on carbon-carbon bond formation using cobalt that underscores its utility in the synthesis of pharmaceutically relevant molecules.

The mechanistic study—one of the first of its kind for this little-understood catalyst—builds on the promise of metal complexes as more sustainable, less expensive alternatives to precious metals like palladium that have traditionally served these types of reactions.

As part of their work, researchers uncovered a rarity for metal complexes that can make C-C bonds: the formation of “high-spin” cobalt alkoxides, key intermediates along the pathway to product. They reveal this compound as the cobalt resting state during catalytic cross-coupling.


By Wendy Plump